Your testimonials

In 2015, I lost my job and was instantly attacked by a life-threatening disease. But by the grace of God, I was restored to complete wholeness in my life and now own a successful company.,

- Afika .
[South Africa]

I got a new job and start training today! It will be full time after 90 days. I will earn wages, plus commission, plus bonuses! Thank You, Jesus, and thank you for praying!,

- Anne-Louise .

May the Father bless CDM abundantly. It is highly appreciated that Sharon Miles phoned me today, speaking words of appreciation, and asked if I had a specific prayer request. I requested a general prayer, and she prayed powerfully for us over the phone. My daughter and I were on our way to do business. When we returned, I phoned Sharon again, and requested prayer for my daughter. It’s her final year in university and she is in the middle of her examinations. She didn’t hesitate to pray for my daughter over the phone, as well. We appreciate this very much. A special thank you to Sharon and all the other officials at the CDM-South Africa offices for all of your hard work serving the partners and friends of CDM. My life has changed very positively since I became a CDM partner. His teachings have caused me to live victoriously, daily. My personal circumstances have changed enormously, and the Lord is busy doing a beautiful work in my life. I am very grateful to God and to CDM.,

- Bishop J.A.
[South Africa]

In 2013, Pastor Dollar preached the Gospel of Grace. First John 4:17 was one the Scriptures. It changed my life and I have never been the same again. I am free and God used Pastor Dollar. I thank him for his obedience.,

- Melanie .

Thank you for your letter and study notes on The Love Anointing Connection. It was exactly what I needed to inspire me and motivate me to help my daughter and son-in-law. I am very grateful. I am meeting with my son-in-law next week. I need more of the God-kind of love. I will pour over the Scriptures and notes. Psalm 138:8 is a good confirmation of what God is doing in our family situation. God bless you richly. Thank you!,

- Pauline .

My name is Marie. I am from London. I would like to thank God for touching my life and restoring it. I was in an abusive broken marriage with my husband and in spite of the circumstances I always taught my children to respect and love their father.

During 2004 my son was stabbed and I kept praying to God for restoration and healing in my family. I reached out to the ministry as I was a follower of Dr. Creflo Dollar's teachings and I thank God that he restored my life. I now can minister the gospel of Grace to others that are broken.

Thank you for all your prayers and support.

I am grateful to be part of this life changing ministry.,

- Marie .
[United Kingdom]

I attended bible studies and finished the course 2002 November, I had no ministry direction or experience. I had the honour of receiving the Change
magazine, which then it was a guidance for me to begin my own ministry.

The CDM Change magazine helped and guided me with important information on running a ministry and living the perfect will that God has appointed for me.

The theme making a mark that cannot be erased impacted my life and congregation in the church now my ministry is greatly favoured, established and spreading across nations.

We built a church building of a 5000 seater in a record two months and fully furnished it. We thank God for his hand upon our ministry. The Lord has blessed me and I have begun to sow seed in the ministry by partnering with them to spread the gospel of grace throughout the world.

Thank you for Dr. Creflo Dollar for your obedience to the voice of God and changing our lives spiritually.

We truly are grateful.

We love you and your family. ,

- Tavonga Vutabwashe

On the 12th February 2015 I contacted Creflo Dollar Ministries and we prayed for a job since as I was struggling to get a job for 6 months. I went to different interviews however no positive responses was received.

On the 9th of March God blessed me with a job. I am grateful to God that I could trust and rely on him during my time of need.

Thank you Creflo Dollar Ministries for standing in agreement with me.

May God continue to bless this ministry and I am very thankful for their support.

Thank you so much.

- Johnson Kusnuri

I want to thank you for your wonderful teachings and understanding Jesus.
God has given you a wondrous gift to preach the gospel.
Through your teachings my son and daughter have been saved.

My daughter is attending Bible studies and always looks forward to your wonderful teachings. I am so happy to have Jesus in our lives, without Him we have nothing.

God Bless you.,

- Patricia Mccromon

I want to thank the Lord for the gospel you are preaching in the world. As an elder lady your ministry has impacted my life everyday since I was introduced to the grace message.

I was lost but now I am found. Jesus saved my life. Praise the Lord!

Thank you Dr. Creflo and Pastor Taffi. May God continue to bless you as you reach the nation with the grace message.

God bless.,

- Barbara Pagel