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The weekly meditation scripture and inspirational nugget are designed to encourage you in your walk with God, strengthen your faith and give you a specific scripture to meditate on all week long. To get the most out of these weekly scriptures, we encourage you to keep them before you every day and apply them to your life and circumstances. Declare them daily and stay focused on them until you experience true results.

FOR THE WEEK OF December 23, 2019

Take a Stand Against Strife


If you’ve ever had a disagreement with someone that escalated to the point where you felt like your anger was about to boil over and get out of control, you were most likely in strife. As part of being human, we’ve all felt that way at one time or another. Strife is emotionally painful, and has the potential to destroy us. Learning how to recognize and deal with it keeps us safe.

Strife is a vigorous, bitter conflict, antagonism toward someone else, intense jealousy, or an angry quarrel with another person. It can destroy families, relationships, and even entire churches. It can break up marriages, businesses, and all that God’s grace is trying to do. Wherever envying and strife show up, confusion and every evil work follow. 

Diffusing strife allows God’s blessing to operate in our lives. In the Old Testament, Abraham dealt with it wisely when it caused arguments between the herdsman for his cattle and Lot’s cattle. It may initially have appeared that Lot was getting the better land, but God blessed Abraham abundantly because of the integrity he displayed.

Strife prevents us from making progress in life and blocks God’s blessings. One way it originates is in self-centeredness; however, it’s impossible to be in strife when we walk in love. Putting God in the center of the situation instead of ourselves shields us from this dangerous emotion. God is love; when we bring Him into the situation, strife has to go.

God loves us, and strife isn’t His will for us. Hatred stirs up strife; loves covers all sins. Strife can also spring from pride, which is a refusal to submit to God’s plans for us. A proud heart stirs up strife, but the person who trusts in the Lord will prosper.

God wants to deliver us from strife. In the same way He delivered David from Saul and from strife with his people, He’ll deliver us from its toxic effects. Trusting Him on this brings us peace.


Lord, Your will is for us to experience peace, not strife, in our lives. Walking in Your Word helps us do that. We’re grateful for the power Your love gives us in this area. In Jesus’ name, amen.


James 3:16

Genesis 13:7-17

1 John 4:8, 16

Proverbs 10:12

Proverbs 28:25, NKJV

2 Samuel 22:44, AMPC

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