The End Times Prophecy Concerning the United States

by Creflo Dollar | 16 Feb 2024


The Bible tells us to depend on God as our source. This has always been true; it is especially so right now, as the prophecies Jesus made concerning what will happen globally in these last days are coming to pass. Depending on God cannot be simply lip service anymore; our trust must be genuine. Never has our faith in Him been so important as in this time when so many people have chosen idols, such as money, for themselves. This is due to the prevalence of the spirit of mammon in the world, especially in America. As worldly systems continue to break down, world leaders prove untrustworthy, and fear increases, God will be the only One we will be able to rely on. When all earthly resources dry up and disappear, Christians will always have more than enough when we believe that God will provide everything we need..

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