How to Deal with Unbelief

by Creflo Dollar | 13 Feb 2024


We live in an environment that constantly challenges our faith. Theoretically, we believe, yet what we see, hear, and feel on the physical level introduces just enough doubt to counteract our belief. Ignorance about the truth of God’s Word also causes unbelief, as does being taught wrong doctrine. Being born again moves us from living under the law to living under grace; however, letting the law become so entrenched in our minds that we cannot let go of it blocks us from believing God. As believers, we have received the same authority and power that Jesus Christ has; we must not let what we observe around us make us question or doubt this. It is entirely possible to have unbelief and faith coexisting side-by-side in our minds; prayer and fasting drives out that unbelief. Believing who we are in Christ keeps doubt from cancelling out our trust and reliance on Him.

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