Prepare Yourselves to See My Glory

by Creflo Dollar | 28 Jul 2018

“‘For I have forged a way that you will now begin in this great revival that is to come to you toward this end. For in this time of prophetic grace, and love, and peace, our journey together will now be one of great joy. So now, prepare yourselves, and what is to come to thee. Exceeding glory is what you’ll begin to see. For I’ll begin to show out, because of the power of My grace, and I’ll begin to show you those things that have been prepared in your way. Oh yes! Without a doubt, begin to rejoice, because in every area of your life, in every area of your way, I AM going to show big time manifested glory in thee. So these are not the days to be hopeless and in despair, but these are the times for you and I to be aware that what comes now is what other prophets dreamed they could be a part of, but you are here,’ saith the Lord. ‘And now I will show as I reconcile men back to Me. I will show My glory, and you shall surely see. It will increase, and manifest upon thee like you’ve not heard of in this atmosphere. For this is the set time. My favor is about to become explosive in thee,’ saith the Spirit of the living God. Amen.”