The True Meaning of Easter

by Creflo Dollar | 29 Mar 2021

Every time a “religious” holiday comes around, things pop up everywhere talking about “the true meaning of…” Well, the true meaning of Easter doesn’t change from year to year. It’s the same as it’s always been: Jesus and what He accomplished for us by shedding His blood on the cross. Now, when Jesus shed His precious blood, He offered the only sacrifice needed to provide for all of your needs in time and in eternity. It means everything before the throne of God; it’s the only means by which God can give you acceptance, and the only means by which you can have access to God’s presence and all of the blessings that He has for you.

What’s important to remember is that Jesus’ blood also means everything to Satan and all of his hosts. They know it’s by the blood that they suffer everlasting defeat; they don’t have an answer to the blood of Jesus. Satan knows the power of that blood. He fears that power and is defeated by it. That’s why your total victory in this world is in the blood of Jesus!

When you know, understand, and apply the vital truths that the Bible teaches about Jesus’ blood, you will be completely free of sin. You’ll be free from fear, sickness, deception, curses, and every negative work of the devil; you will walk in dominion on this earth. The blood of Jesus is the absolute key to the abundant life that the Bible talks about. It’s also the key to forgiveness, peace, victory, deliverance, healing, hope, and the full benefits of complete redemption. To be in this position, make sure you know the truth about the life, the grace, and the power that’s in Jesus’ blood. There is enough power in it to meet every single one of your needs. Next, you have to believe and have faith in all that God’s Word says about the blood of Jesus. Have faith that:

  • You’re healed because of the blood.
  • You’re delivered because of the blood.
  • Your needs are met because of the blood.
  • You have authority over the devil, over pestilence, and over the coronavirus, because of the blood.

Now: appropriate! To appropriate means to take possession of. If Jesus shed His blood for you to have something, you need to take it. The blood of Jesus and the power that’s invested in it won’t work for you unless you personally appropriate it and take possession of it for yourself. For instance, you’re already saved and you’re already protected, so take personal possession of that. Then, expect! Expectation is the breeding ground for miracles, and is also a ground for the blood of Jesus to begin to produce and operate in your life. Expect for God to confirm His Word in your life because of the blood.

This Easter, we’re still far from the old “normal,” but the church is still alive! We are the church of Jesus Christ. No matter what happens, the real church can never be closed down, because the real church is you and me! We are God’s champions and we’ve been born for such a time as this. Everything that’s thrown at us is just nourishment for our growth. It builds us up because the grace of God is sufficient for anything that the enemy can throw at us. Right now, in the middle of a virus, fear over having a job, and fear of lack, now is the time for the church of Jesus Christ to give testimony about what the blood of Jesus has already done. It’s going to be alright because of the blood of Jesus. Favor is yours because of the blood of Jesus. Now is the time. This Easter is the time for you to declare what the blood has already done!