Creflo Dollar Ministries

For over 25 years the Changing Your World Broadcast has ministered millions of people around the world thru television. Our Friends and Partners, have consistently supported us with their prayers, their finances and their loyal viewership. Presently we are evaluating and auditing each broadcast worldwide in our efforts to continue to be good stewards before God. We evaluate the response and the value of the broadcast for each of the markets that they reach. Once we discover that a particular market no longer values the broadcast, we then make a decision to remove that broadcast so that we can be diligent in markets where the broadcast is valued. If you value the Changing Your World broadcast and would like to keep it on the air in your area I need to hear from you today. Your response and financial support will give us evidence that you value this broadcast and therefore it will remain on television in your area. But if we do not hear from you immediately, as good stewards we will be canceling the Changing Your World Broadcast in your area. So pray and ask God to guide you in your part of supporting this broadcast to keep it on the air.

Thank you so much for all that you have done for the last 25 years in keeping the Changing Your World broadcast on the air.