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Welcome to our Study Notes page! Select the topic or date of your choice to view a detailed outline of the teachings. Each time you study the Word, you position yourself to receive divine direction from God. When you spend time researching the Scriptures, you acquire wisdom tor every situation in life. As you study, expect to find answers to your questions and solutions to your problems!

04/02/2014 The Revelation of Holiness Creflo Dollar
03/30/2014 Grace-based Deliverance from Pornography and Sexual Immorality (Part 2) Creflo Dollar
03/26/2014 Grace in Rome (Part 24) Creflo Dollar
03/23/2014 Grace-based Deliverance from Pornography and Sexual Immorality Creflo Dollar
03/19/2014 Grace in Rome (Part 23) Creflo Dollar
03/16/2014 Overcoming a Hardened Heart (Part 2) Creflo Dollar
03/05/2014 Grace in Rome (Part 22) Creflo Dollar
02/26/2014 How Supply Will Follow Belief Creflo Dollar
02/23/2014 The Grace Bridge: Exhibiting Faith for Results (Part 2) Creflo Dollar
02/19/2014 Grace in Rome (Part 21) Creflo Dollar
02/16/2014 Jesus: A Friend to Sinners Creflo Dollar
02/12/2014 Grace in Rome (Part 20) Creflo Dollar
02/05/2014 Grace in Rome (Part 19) Creflo Dollar
01/29/2014 ¿Cuál es la Verdadera Realidad? Creflo Dollar
01/29/2014 What Is the Real Truth? Creflo Dollar
01/26/2014 Meditation: The Key to Success (Part 2) Creflo Dollar
01/22/2014 Grace in Rome (Part 18) Creflo Dollar
01/19/2014 Meditation: The Key to Success Creflo Dollar
01/15/2014 Grace in Rome (Part 17) Creflo Dollar
01/08/2014 Understanding the True Nature of God Creflo Dollar
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