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The Open Door to Pleasure

These next 30 days God will begin to divinely rearrange things in your life to present you with new opportunities. Hallelujah.

Now I was getting ready to dismiss and now the Holy Ghost has come on me.

The Bible says show me the path of life. Oh, thank you Lord. Then he said in thy presence there is fullness of joy. But now watch this now. Hallelujah. And pleasures-pleasures….there are pleasures. Listen to me now. The pleasures of God await you in the presence of God. The enemy had you deceived into thinking that the stuff you got delivered out of was the only thing that could be pleasing to you. So there's a tendency to try to seduce you back and forth-back and forth.

But hear the Word of the Lord. What's on God's side is a whole lot more pleasurable than what's on the devil's side. But if you don't ever spend a considerable amount of time in the presence of God, you'll short change your life of knowing what it's like to enjoy the pleasures that are in His presence. You think sin was good….and it was. The Bible says that Moses enjoyed the pleasures of sin for a season. So sin has pleasure, but not like the pleasure in the presence of God. Hallelujah.

Over these next 30 days I want you to begin to on purpose practice the presence of God by challenging yourself to maintain a mental awareness of God somehow through meditating scriptures, through thinking of His goodness, through singing songs. Maintain a presence of God for the next 30 days and there will be before you a door that God opened that no man will be able to close! When it looks rough, I want you to praise God. When it feels bad, I want you to praise God. When you can't figure it out, I want you to praise God. I want you to praise God right on up into that open door. There is an open door that has been opened before you! Now walk in it!

Well how do I walk in it? How do I walk in it? Well, it's what we been talking about all night. Just starting thanking God for the moon. Thank Him for the stars. Thank Him for the shoes on your feet. Oh, I praise You! On the way to work praise Him. Especially when something goes wrong, praise Him. Just lift your hands up in a meeting and say, "Thank you Jesus." Because this is going to escort you into a new opportunity, praise the Lord! This is going to bring you pleasures you don't know about. There's pleasures in the presence. Oh, lordy, lordy, lordy.

I'm asking you to go on a different fast in February. I'm you to fast from worry. I'm asking you to fast from stress. I'm asking you to fast from anxiety. I'm asking you to fast from fear. Whenever you feel like something is coming up, praise the Lord. His mercy endureth forever. Oh, glory to God. Oh, glory to God.

Abraham starting giving glory to God and the next thing you know him and Sarah were having a baby. God took an impossible situation and turned into a possible situation. Instead of him murmuring and complaining he got into the presence of God and it escorted him into the pleasures.

I'm gone have joy in February! I'm might get in the car tired, but instead of saying I'm tired I'm gone say 'hallelujah.'

You watch. You watch. Write it down. You watch. There’s an open door. There’s a door that’s been opened. Hallelujah. I see it in the spirit. There’s a door that’s been opened. It’s open. Naw, I didn’t say it’s going to be opened. It’s open right now! It’s open right now! But this door is in the secret place and I’m going to walk therein. Be blessed.

- Prophecy delivered by
Creflo A. Dollar
Wednesday, Jan, 31, 2007
Time: 7:00 p.m.
World Changers Church International College Park, GA

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