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The Law of Confession

Creflo Dollar

God has given us a powerful method to obtain His promises, and it is up to us to use it. That method is confession. Confession, as it pertains to the Bible, is when you speak the Word of God out loud. Words are spiritual containers that release either fear or faith. Every time you speak, you are activating spiritual forces that will affect your life. This is why it is so important to be mindful of the words we speak and to make sure we are only saying what God has said in His Word.

Similar to the law of gravity, the law of confession will work for anyone who will get involved with it. Many Christians who have been defeated in life are defeated because they believe and confess the wrong things. They don’t realize that their words are activating a spiritual law that is working against them. We must understand the law of confession if we want things to work for us. We have been given access to the power of God through our words, which are weapons against the enemy.

Satan is constantly applying pressure to our minds in order to get us to quit in these last days; however, we do not have to allow hard times or pressure to defeat us. We can use the Word of God as a weapon against the enemy, and win.

In order to be victorious over the attacks of the enemy, we must think, believe, and speak in line with God’s Word. In fact, believing the Word in our hearts is the prerequisite for our confessions having a significant impact in our lives. Mark 9:23 says, “Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” Faith is the force that must be in operation in order for our confessions to come to pass. Sometimes people confess God’s Word religiously, mechanically, and out of fear; however, these types of confessions don’t accomplish anything. We must believe that the things we confess from the Bible are coming to pass as we pray and speak them.

We can look to God as an example of how faith-filled words cause things to manifest in the natural realm. In the biblical account of how God created the earth, the Word says that He spoke and whatever He spoke came into existence (Genesis 1). God’s words are full of faith, which is what caused them to become actual physical substance. The things we see in this earth today, from the sky to the trees, are the result of words that were spoken by God.

The same creative power that God possesses has been invested in us. As spiritual beings who possess the nature of God, we have the ability to speak things into existence just like God did. This isn’t some mystical, New Age idea; it is scriptural. When Jesus walked the earth, He imitated His Father by speaking what the Father spoke. As a result, He saw results everywhere He went. Likewise, we must be imitators of God, who think, act, and speak like Him. When we speak His Words, we release His creative ability into the earth, and something always happens. When we believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that the words we speak will come to pass, we will see what we are speaking (Mark 11:22-23).

The Bible says that all things are possible for those who believe. Confessing God’s Word is so powerful because every time we hear ourselves speaking the Scriptures, we are actually planting faith in our hearts. The more we become established on the Word of God through speaking it on a consistent basis, the more our faith will grow. And faith, when acted upon, will always produce the desired results.

There shouldn’t be a day that passes that the Believer does not speak the Word of God. It is the Word that strengthens our faith, and releases the power of God into our situations and circumstances. By making daily confessions, we frame our worlds with the Word of God, shut the devil out of our lives, and plant faith in our hearts. It is the key to victory and supernatural manifestation.

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