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The Faithfulness Test

Creflo Dollar

Early in my ministry I began a college Bible study. In an effort to prove my faithfulness, I promised God to always start on time. However, on one occasion, no one showed up for Bible study. Determined to keep my word, I proceeded to preach to the empty chairs. While I was preaching, a few people came by and asked, “Who are you preaching to?” I said, “Maybe the angels are here.”

I know it sounds comical but I had tears coming down my face, because I had a fervency to be faithful over what God had called me to do. At the same time, I was wondering if I had failed or missed God. Yet I knew if I could pass the faithfulness test, I would abound in blessings. I needed to pass the test whether no one was there, or when only five people showed up.

Many people do not know how it was for me in the beginning. They may think I am an overnight success, but they did not see me when I was preaching to chairs. I was faithful over a little for a long time. However, as a result of my faithfulness, I have been blessed to have thousands of people join our churches in Atlanta, New York, and satellite locations.

Often, some people try to impress me by saying they will be faithful to serve me all their lives. However, I know they can not do that if they have not been faithful to God first. Those who are faithful in serving God can easily serve others.

Taffi and I sat in many places hearing the Word and learning from great men and women of faith. They taught us how to exercise our faith in God and His Word, and the importance of faithfulness. We took what we learned and applied it to our lives, and as a result, we took a leap of faith to believe God for millions of dollars to build a World Dome. This building is the manifestation of our faithfulness to God and the calling on our lives.

I challenge you to pass the faithfulness test. Regardless of the circumstances, remain faithful to God. I believe the Word which says, if I am faithful over a few, I will be ruler over much! I hope you believe it, too. Remember, a faithful man abounds in blessings—empowered to succeed!

— Creflo A. Dollar

Scripture References:
2 Corinthians 2:14
Proverbs 28:20
Matthew 25:21

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